Sunday, May 9, 2010


illustration mundo just posted this japanese illustrator tadahiro uesugi and im kinda blow away. it combines that old school illustration feel but with a touch of contemporary
that being said there is also a couple of my piers who has been blowing me away with their work i think you should all check out. it always good to have these types of people near you so you can feel like crap about your own work and to make push harder.

the first is keat teoh. somehow he is able to make every line he puts down with a feeling of total confidence. his site is

the second is rose tanghal. recently the rhythm and shapes in her work are just sooo good.

the third is robert blake. another guy whos just able to slap down a line like he owns it. fearless color palette too.

i love these guys and you should too for reasons you'll know once you see their work

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